Plasma tv unit

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plasma tv wall unit, plasma tv unit, plasma tv

TV sets today have become much bigger and wider with the advent of plasma and LCD TVs; the bulging sets of the older generation of TVs have been replaced by sleek, flat screens. This has created the need for uniquely designed flat screen TV stands and TV units. 

Plasma TV units are available in various models. There are many slim and sleek stands created specially for accommodating plasma TVs and other electronic equipment. Plasma TV stands and TV units are usually wider than the screens to provide more support. Wall mountable plasma TV units do not have this problem since the screen will be hung on the wall and the rest of the equipment will be placed on wall mounted or floor stands. Plasma TV wall units save more space and add an elegant look even to an ordinary room. Plasma TV wall unit offers mainly two mounting options: flat wall mount and tilt wall mount. The most common wall mounting method is the flat wall mount whereby the screen is closer to the wall and remains in a straight position. In tilt wall mount, the screen is usually at a higher position than the eye level and is tilted downwards for better viewing; they are better suited for overhead displays and bedroom walls. There is also the articulating mount option; the screen is flush mounted using a swivel arm which folds up after use. This type of plasma TV wall unit can turn to either sides and tilt downwards.

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Other types of mounting options include table stands, plasma TV carts, ceiling mount, and lift units. Most plasma TV sets have matching table stands to place the TV on table tops or TV units. Plasma TV carts are the flat screen versions of the old TV carts that can be moved from place to place using casters on the stand; the TV is mounted on a pedestal with shelving options; they are perfect for tradeshow and other presentation purposes. The ceiling mount plasma TVs are best suited for airport displays, check out counters, hospital rooms, and bedrooms. There are also the plasma TV lift units which use different types of lifts to display or hide the plasma or LCD TVs. Hydraulic and motorised lifts are used for this purpose.

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Corner plasma TV units help to save a lot of space and avoid cluttering the room with a wider screen and stand. Plasma entertainment centres are another option for a plasma TV unit. They are more used for home theatre purposes.